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Family Ministry: Bible Villains

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Give families an evening alternative to celebrate the Halloween season biblically...

Invite the members of each family to visit with villains such as Herod, Goliath, Pilate, Pharoah, Judas, Bathsheba, Delilah, or Haman. Provide snacks and create atmosphere with dimmed lights and background noise (available at

Set up a station representing the villainous deeds of each of these people. Have a volunteer dressed as the villain at each station to talk with families about his or her actions and motives.

Include a Bible and props at each station. For example, Delilah's station might include synthetic braided hair, ropes, fabric, and scissors. Write the villain's Scriptures on a placecard at each station, and have families read them aloud. Include the following questions at each station.

  • "Why do you think this person was a villain?"
  • "What was the result of this person's actions?"
  • "How did this person's actions affect the people around him or her?"
  • "How can we avoid being like this villain?"

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