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Family Meal Boxes

Children's Ministry Magazine

Provide a large box for each participating family. Have families decorate their boxes. Have each family bring food and other items necessary for a full meal, such as:

  • whatever is needed for the meal in cans or boxes,
  • place mats made by the family,
  • plastic utensils and paper dishes,
  • a table centerpiece made by the family,
  • a prayer card that can be read before the meal,
  • a letter explaining what family members did to prepare this box and why they're sharing these gifts, and
  • a small card attached with ribbon that has each contributing family member's first name on it.

Another thing families can do is remove vegetable can labels and turn the labels inside out (or simply cover the labels with white paper). On the white side, families can write their favorite recipe for this vegetable and include all the condiments to make it. Children can decorate the label with designs and messages of love. Then tape the label back to the can. Take instant-print photos during the assembly of the food boxes so you can add these photos to the gift boxes also.

Joyce DeKarske
Saginaw, Michigan

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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