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Faith Like a Seed


Best for ages 3 to 6

You'll need a Bible, brown wooden beads, green pipe cleaners, pink or purple pipe cleaners, scissors, and one 3-inch square of white felt per child

Read aloud Matthew 13:31-32. Say: Let's make a craft to see what can happen with just a tiny seed. Hold up a brown wooden bead.

Help kids cut a small hole in the middle of the felt. Have kids put the green pipe cleaner through the hole in the felt and twist the brown wooden bead on the end. (See photo 1.) Form a flower shape from the pink or purple pipe cleaner. Attach the flower by twisting it together with the green pipe cleaner on the other side of the felt square. (See photo 2.)

Let kids flip their felt to see the seed on the outside "grow" into a beautiful flower! (See photo 3.) Say: Jesus said a tiny seed can turn into a big tree, and just a little bit of faith in him helps us do big things, too. Take home your flower to remember that God can do big things with your little seeds of faith!

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