Abraham: Faith Bottles Craft

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Bottle -of -sand

Try this sandy craft to show kids God keeps his promises.

You’ll need colored craft sand, funnels, clear plastic bottles with lids, star stickers, and alphabet stickers.

Distribute the bottles and funnels. Say: God promised Abraham something amazing. Read aloud Genesis 22:17-18. Have kids create “generations” by adding layers of colored sand in their bottles with the funnels.

Ask: What do you think God’s promise to Abraham meant? What kind of promise would you like God to give you for your grandchildren?

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Have kids each fill a bottle, tightly replace the lid, and place stickers to spell “faith” on the bottle. Say: God kept his promise! Read aloud Hebrews 11:8-12. Ask: Why do you think Abraham’s faith was important for God to keep his promise?

Say: God kept his promise to Abraham, and he’ll keep his promises to you, too.

Read aloud Hebrews 11:1, 6.

Vanessa Small
Marion, Indiana

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