Everything That’s Hidden Will Be Revealed…


Ahhh…spring is in the air! And I'm wearing capris and sandals! Which means that everything that was once hidden would soon be revealed. I had to rush around this morning and make sure all my personal grooming from the knee down was in order!

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Made me wonder…what kind of spring cleaning do we need to do in our ministries? What kinds of things do we need to shave or clip off in the light of day? Maybe a program that's outlived its value? Maybe a cranky volunteer or two who need a break?

Here's to you putting your best foot forward!


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Christine Yount Jones

Christine has more than 26 years of children’s ministry experience. She is the Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, has authored many books and articles on children’s ministry, and serves as Group’s Children’s Ministry Champion. She’s responsible for development and innovation of new resources.

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