Especially for Me Gift Bags


bagsmAge Level: 6 to 12

Materials: For each child, you’ll need a paper gift bag, a 9-inch paper plate, and one piece of card stock cut  1/4 inch shorter in width than the width of the gift bag and approximately 2 inches longer than the height of the bag. You’ll also need construction paper, markers, craft glue, and tape.

Time: About 30 minutes

Kids will love these personalized gift bags as they collect goodies this Christmas.

Have kids each use markers and construction paper to create a face that resembles them on a paper plate. While kids create their faces, slip the piece of card stock into the gift bag. Fold the card stock at the point where it extends over the outside of the bag. Once kids complete their paper plate face, help them glue or tape the back of the plate to the flap of the card stock.

Kids can use their gift bags to collect goodies or as holders for their classroom materials.

RoseAnne Satherz
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Especially for Me Gift Bags
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