Bible Game: Elijah and the Widow

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Use this Bible Game: Elijah and the Widow to teach kids about how God provides.

Have kids line up—side-by-side—facing you.

Say: I’m going to name some things that require a certain amount to be enough. When I do, show me how much is enough by bunny hopping toward me that many times. For example, if I say, “Shoes,” you hop two times toward me, because two shoes are enough for your feet.

Read the following list, letting kids hop between each item. (Their answers don’t always have to be the same.)

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Say: The woman knew there wasn’t enough to eat, just like you know one sock isn’t enough for two feet. But Elijah told her there’d be enough. God made the flour and oil last. So, Elijah and the woman and her son could eat. Yay, God! Have children clap and cheer for God.

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