Easter Ice Breaker


Use this Easter Ice Breaker on Easter Sunday. Because church attendance is high on Easter Sunday, help children get acquainted with one another by playing this Easter Ice Breaker.

Get Ready You’ll need small sticky notes, pencils, plastic eggs, a basket, and some music.

Get Set Give each child a sticky note, a pencil, and an egg. Have children each write something on the note about what they’re wearing, such as a blue watch or red earrings. Then have children put their notes in their eggs, close them, and place them in a basket.

Mix up the eggs, play some music, and have children sit in a circle. Pass the basket around. When the music stops, have the child who’s holding the basket pull out an egg. Have him or her open itand guess who wrote the note. If the child guesses correctly, have the note-writer stand up and share his or her name and a fun personal fact. If the guess is incorrect, the egg goes back in the basket and play continues. Continue until everyone has a turn.

Jake Engel Seymour, Indiana

Easter Ice Breaker
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