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Several years ago, we asked over 900 kids to tell us what they
liked best about Sunday school. One of their top answers was

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So, if you really want to capture kids’ attention, teach them
Bible stories using these snacks from Incredible Edible Bible
by Nanette Goings.


Serves 1

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Theme: Honesty

Verses to Devour: Genesis 27:21-23

Supplies: a kiwi fruit, half a banana, a grape,
two raisins, a plastic knife, and a paper plate.

What to Do: Rinse the fruit, and peel the
banana half. Using the plastic knife, quarter the kiwi
lengthwise-leaving the skin on the kiwi-so you have four
canoe-shaped pieces. Place the banana half on the paper plate as
Esau’s body, and place the kiwi sections as Esau’s fuzzy arms and
legs. Use the grape for Esau’s head and the two raisins for his
feet. Admire your fruit sculpture, and then eat it.

What to say: As the kids are enjoying their
Fuzzy Arms sculptures, read aloud Genesis 27:21-23.

Ask: How do you think Esau felt when he found
out that his brother stole his blessing? How can dishonesty hurt
someone? hurt God? Why do you think God wants us to be honest?

Pray: Dear God, we know that you value honesty.
Please help us work hard to be fair and honest. Amen.


Serves 5

Theme: Bravery

Verses to Devour: Esther 2:14-17 and 4:13-16

Easter Sheep Muffins

Supplies: softened cream cheese, a flour
tortilla, strawberry jam, a banana, raisins, a plastic knife, and a
paper plate.

What to Do: Spread softened cream cheese on a
flour tortilla. Then smooth strawberry jam on top of the cream
cheese. Cut a banana into small pieces, and sprinkle the banana and
raisins on top as the “jewels” in the “crown.” Roll the tortilla,
and slice the roll into 1-inch sections. Lay Queen Esther’s Crowns
cut-side down, and admire all of the jewels inside before

What to Say: After kids have made their Queen
Esther’s Crowns, read aloud Esther 2:13-17 and 4:13-16 or summarize
the whole story. Then ask: How did God help Queen Esther? In what
ways can God help you be brave? How does being brave help you serve

Say: Esther was brave because she knew that God
loved her and would want her to stand up for his people. God helped
Esther do a very hard thing, and God will help us do hard things,


Serves 1

Theme: Celebrating Jesus’ birth

Verses to Devour: Matthew 2:10-11

Supplies: five gingersnap cookies, a resealable
plastic sandwich bag, a teaspoon, corn syrup, creamy peanut butter,
wax paper, star-shaped cookie cutters, cinnamon, sugar, and

What to Do: Place five gingersnaps in a
resealable plastic bag, and seal the bag. Crush the cookies into
fine crumbs. Open the bag to add two teaspoons of corn syrup and
one teaspoon of creamy peanut butter. Close the bag, and knead the
ingredients until a dough forms. Remove the dough from the bag, and
flatten it on a square of wax paper. If the dough is sticky, add
another crushed gingersnap. If the dough is too dry, add another
teaspoon of corn syrup. Cut out star shapes, and then sprinkle the
dough cookies with cinnamon and sugar. What a spicy treat-and oh,
so sweet!

Creation Mix Snack

What to Say: After everyone has cut out and
spiced up several stars, read aloud Matthew 2:10-11. Then ask: How did the wise
men celebrate Jesus’ birth? How did their gifts show love? How can
we celebrate Jesus’ birth today?

Close by singing the following song to the tune of “Twinkle,
Twinkle, Little Star.”

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
What a super sign you are.

Up above the world so high,
Announcing Jesus in the sky.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
You helped the wise men travel far.


Serves 1

Theme: Love

Verses to Devour: Matthew 19:13-14

Supplies: a chocolate graham cracker, a
resealable plastic sandwich bag, chocolate syrup, a teaspoon, and

What to Do: Place one whole chocolate graham
cracker inside a resealable plastic bag. Release the excess air;
then seal the bag. Crush the graham cracker into fine crumbs with
your hands. Open the bag, and add two teaspoons of chocolate syrup.
Seal the bag. “Handle with care” as you knead the ingredients in
the bag until they form a ball of “fudge.” Open the bag, and enjoy
your Handle-With-Care Fudge.

What to Say: When everyone has made a bag of
fudge, read aloud Matthew 19:13-14. Ask: Why did Jesus want
children to come to him? How can you handle others with care this

Say: We’re all important to Jesus, and he
especially loves children. Let’s say a prayer of thanks for Jesus’
love. Pray: Dear Lord, thank you for loving us. And thank you for
letting us know how precious children are to you. We love you, too.

Tree-Mendous Treats


Serves 1

Theme: Jesus’ resurrection

Verses to Devour: Matthew 28:5-6

Supplies: a can of pineapple slices, a can
opener, a small paper plate, a plastic knife, string cheese, a
whole maraschino cherry, and candy sprinkles.

What to Do: Open the can of pineapple slices,
and drain the juice. Place one pineapple ring on a paper plate.
Slice the pineapple ring in half, and turn the halves to make two
curved butterfly wings. Unwrap the string cheese, and cut it in
half. Place half of the string cheese between the wings as the
butterfly’s body. Use a whole maraschino cherry as the butterfly’s
head. Decorate the wings with candy sprinkles. Eat and enjoy!

What to Say: After everyone has made a Fluttery
Butterfly, read aloud Matthew 28:5-6.

Ask: What does it mean to us that Jesus is
alive today?

As kids are enjoying their treats, say: Whenever we see a
butterfly in the spring, it reminds us that Jesus is alive and with
us today!
Adapted from Incredible Edible Bible Fun from Group Publishing,
Inc. Used by permission.


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