Earth Day: Eco-lympics Party


Use these three ideas to help kids learn about being God’s stewards on Earth Day.

Compost Relay

Have equal piles of organic waste such as grass clippings and leaves at one end of an open field. Place a pile of soil half the size of the organic pile at the other end of the field.

Form two teams. Have teams each use their hands to put their organic waste into a wheelbarrow. Then have them wheel it to the soil pile, empty the wheelbarrow, and return for more until their waste pile is completely moved. Have two adults for each team turn the organic waste into the soil. After all the waste is moved, declare everyone a winner. Emphasize that everyone wins when we take care of God’s earth. Then have a gardening expert briefly explain how composting works.

Litterbug Chase



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Take kids to a littered field or park. Have teams race to collect the most cans, the oldest paper item, and the biggest piece of trash. Have kids create stories about how a piece of trash ended up where it is to come up with the most unique history. For prizes, give kids environmentally friendly items such as recycling bins, stationery from recycled paper, or organic shampoos.

Trashed Outt

Have kids create a giant sculpture of the garbage. Make sure all the garbage is secure. Place the sculpture in front of your church as a reminder to recycle as part of stewardship. Take down the sculpture after a few weeks.

Earth Day: Eco-lympics Party
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