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Check out our easy, easier, and easiest Christmas programs!

Christmas!? Are you kidding me, you wonder, I just put our Fall Festival to bed. Who’s had time to think about Christmas?

Well, if you’re not the uber-children’s minister who chose what you’re doing for Christmas at least six months ago, join the club! You’ve got a lot on your plate! And that’s why we created easy (almost instant) resources for Christmas that’ll make your job easier — and still wow your church and community! And, by the way, I’ve listed them in order of Easy, Easier, and Easiest!

Station-Based Christmas Event

Miracle of JesusImagine a place where families can experience what Joseph and Mary did on that miraculous night long ago! With the easy-to-prepare instructions in this kit, you’ll create such a place where
families see, touch, smell, and taste what life was like when Jesus was born. Hear surprising details about Jesus from Bethlehem merchants such as the census taker, the wool trader, and the fisherman. Families stroll through the lifelike shops in Bethlehem in order, meeting Jesus’ friends along the way. Then they all join in the Nativity Drama at the end. Learn more about this program. Learn more about this program.

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The Instant Christmas Play

Twas the Light Before ChristmasIf you (like us) are tired of the multiple rehearsals, complex costumes and staging, and the Grinch stealing every moment you have just to get ready for Christmas, check out these two surprisingly easy kits.
It’s multigenerational! It’s easy! And it’s low-cost! In one night, you go from first rehearsal through cast party! In one night! You get the four scenes, original music, and speaking parts for two actors. Families and people of all ages rehearse their scene, create simple costumes, and learn a new song after they arrive. Then everyone gathers to put on the play. And they wrap up with a cast party! Kids and their families will LOVE being part of ’Twas the Light Before Christmas! In one fun-filled night, they’ll create props, rehearse, and present a full-fledged Christmas production with a captivating script and original music. Learn more about this program.

Instant Christmas Pageant

Instant Christmas Pageant

Follow three young shepherds who joyfully shout God’s praises after visiting the baby Jesus. how were they to know they were “disturbing the peace?” You’ll join them in a Bethlehem courtroom for a hilarious trial and a surprising verdict! No more hours of rehearsals! This flexible, fully prepared Christmas pageant lets kids of any size cast simply pantomime parts. They’ll love it–and their parents will too! The CD provides all voices, music, sound effects, plus publicity helps! Patterns for simple costuming are also included. Scripts may be reproduced for the ease of student use. Learn more about this program.

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