Easter Wow!


Easter services at our church were amazing this weekend. We had five services and we were encouraged to stay away from the 10 a.m. service so guests would have room to attend. We went to the Saturday 4:30 service, and it was packed! It actually blessed me that so many people honored that request. And then in our 8 a.m. toddler room, we had over 20 toddlers (with only 3 that I recognized)…so it was like fruit-basket-turnover this Sunday.

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The really cool thing our church did all week long was the Holy Week Experience. My husband, niece and her husband, and I went on Thursday night and for an hour traveled through experiential worship stations. The team did an amazing job with lighting, music, images. We traveled from sounds of people cheering at a large image of Jerusalem and read Scripture about Palm Sunday. Then through worship stations of writing on a brick and carrying it with us through the images and last seven sayings of Jesus on the cross, then laying it down on a huge pile of bricks. We then went to a station where we covered our hands with ash and  prayerfully wiped them on a large white cross and afterward washed them in cool water. At the tomb where the stone was rolled away, we chose the "rock" by writing our names in red ink on a large rock and then having communion. It was so amazing and so impactful to focus on the meaning of Easter–Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection! 


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