Easter Transformation


This simple craft will help provide children with a
better understanding of the “beauty” that can be found in the
transformation of Jesus’ resurrection.

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Theme: Jesus is risen!
Scripture: Mark 16:4-8
Age Level: 4 to 9
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Materials: Two wood craft sticks per child, cotton
balls, small green pompoms, card stock, staplers, glue, google
eyes, crayons, glitter and two 2-inch sections of green chenille
craft wire per child.

Have kids each cut two 5X5-inch pieces of card stock. Stack the
card stock pieces, and then staple them on three sides to form a
pocket. Kids can cover both sides of their pockets with cotton
balls and glue to create a fuzzy cocoon.

While the glue dries, have kids decorate one popsicle stick to
look like a worm by gluing green pompoms along one side of the
stick. Kids can attach google eyes and green chenille craft wire
for antennae.

Have kids decorate the other popsicle stick to look like a
butterfly. Cut wings by folding a piece of card stock in half and
cutting a half-wing shape along the fold. Kids can decorate the
wings with crayons or glitter. Center and glue the wings to the
bare side of the popsicle stick. Glue on google eyes and green
chenille wire for antennae.

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Read aloud the Scripture. Ask, “What happens to caterpillars
when they go to sleep inside their cocoons? Caterpillars become
beautiful butterflies and leave their cocoons behind, empty. How is
the story of Jesus’ empty tomb like or unlike the way caterpillars
leave behind their cocoons? How is Jesus’ resurrection like or
unlike the butterflies? Let’s thank God for making his son Jesus
the most beautiful butterfly of all.”

Mary Ann Richardson
San Antonio, Texas


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