Sunday School Lesson: God Is Forever


Use this Sunday school lesson: God Is Forever at Easter or any time you want to celebrate new life in Christ. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

Each year at Easter we’re swept away by the almost incomprehensible idea of what God’s love has done for us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Bible lesson will help kids better understand the true meaning of God’s sacrifice.

Kids will…

  • celebrate the good news of Easter,
  • experience ways God is always with them, and
  • thank God for always being there.


  • a Bible
  • three signs reading, “Sorry, He’s Not Here!”
  • cupcakes
  • regular birthday candles and special birthday candles that relight after they’re blown out (You can find these candles in the party-supply sections of most stores.)
  • matches
  • a bowl of water
  • a smooth pebble or rock for each child (Rocks should be big enough to write the word “God” on them.)
  • thin-line permanent markers
  • an empty plastic Easter egg for each child
  • scissors
  • paper
  • newsprint
  • tape

BIBLE BASIS: Psalm 121 and John 20:1-9

Easter comes crashing upon us with the awesome power of ocean waves breaking against the shore. We’re swept away by the almost incomprehensible idea of what God’s love has done for us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Everything we are as Christians is held together by the impact of Easter. The empty tomb was God’s final statement that we are his children, and not even the finality of death is more powerful than faith in our risen Lord.

John 20:1-9 tells us the story of the empty tomb. The first eyes that looked around in that empty tomb were rubbed in disbelief. Who stole Jesus’ body? Why would they do that? No, it can’t be true. He can’t be alive again. Or is he?

Then he came into their presence. They saw his hands, and they experienced his glorious radiance. They heard the promise for all eternity that he would be with them and us. These are ideas so lofty that we barely comprehend them. This is truth so spectacular that we spend a lifetime getting new glimpses into it.

The good news of Easter becomes even more majestic when laid alongside the promises of Psalm 121. The God who kept Israel now keeps us secure in the arms of Jesus. The God who has always been more powerful than any evil now equips us with the ultimate weapon of the lordship of Christ. Yes, God was there in the heart of the psalmist, and God is here in our lives through the Easter message.

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