Easter: God Is All-Powerful


Getting to Know Jesus at Easter

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Say: On Easter we celebrate Jesus’ defeat of death. He’s alive
and will live forever. He wants us to be his friend and have the
power to live forever, too. That is what Easter is all about! We do
this by telling God we believe Jesus is alive, by telling God we
love him, and by telling God we’re sorry for the bad things we’ve
done. We ask for forgiveness and promise to follow and love Jesus
every day. When we do this, we have put our faith in Jesus. When we
put our faith in Jesus, we have God’s power with us every day to
help us. And, like Jesus, we will live forever. Some of you already
may have put your faith in Jesus. That’s great. But if you haven’t
and you would like to, all you have to do is tell God you want to
put your faith in Jesus. We’re going to be quiet for a minute to
give you all a chance to talk to God. If you want to talk to him
about putting your faith in Jesus, you can do that now, making this
the most special Easter of all for you!

After kids finish praying, invite anyone who talked with God
about putting his or her faith in Jesus to tell you or another
adult helper about it after the session is over. Please make sure
you talk to the parents of these children. Some children may not be
comfortable talking about this decision with you. Make sure they
understand that is OK, but let them know they should talk about it
with their parents.

Measuring Power

Have kids form trios. Say: Let’s look at one more verse from the
Bible that tells us about God’s power.

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Read aloud Ephesians 3:20. Ask: What do you think it means when
it says God’s power is at work within us?

Give each trio a ruler or measuring tape.

Say: Measure the foot of someone in your group. Now measure the
arm of someone in your group. Now find a chair, and measure how
high it is. Now measure the length of one of the walls in our
meeting area. Now measure the height of one of the walls in our
meeting area.

Some of you couldn’t measure the wall because you weren’t tall
enough. Now measure the height of our church building. OK, then
measure the distance from here to the star in the universe that’s
the farthest away. That’s right, you can’t do it because for you
the distance to that star is immeasurable. We can’t measure it.
That’s what the Bible verse says about what God’s power can do for
us. It’s so big and wonderful we can’t measure it. But we know it’s
there because God told us he’s powerful, and God’s power is shown
in raising Jesus from the dead. That power can help you every day
in school, with your friends, at home, with any hard things in your

Collect the rulers and measuring tape. Have kids gather together
in a large group.

Say: I want you to think of one thing in your life in which you
need God’s power this week. We’re going to be really quiet for a
few seconds, and during that time, I want you to ask God to use his
power to help you this week.

Have a short time of silent prayer. Close the prayer time by
thanking God out loud for raising Jesus from the dead and for
giving us that power in our lives. End the session by singing “He’s


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