Easter Create-a-Scene


Stuff you’ll need: an adult-sized shirt to
cover each child’s clothes, 1 yard of clear vinyl (available in
fabric or craft stores), permanent markers, and scissors.

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Get ready: Lay the vinyl on a table and place something on its
edges so it’ll lie flat. Read the Easter story from Luke 24:1-12,
making a special point of pointing out who the people in the story
are. Paint a verbal picture for the children, describing how the
tomb must’ve looked, the scenery around the area, and who came to
see Jesus’ body.

Tell kids to:

  • Work together to draw an Easter scene on the vinyl. Decide
    who’ll draw a picture of Jesus, who’ll draw a picture of the tomb,
    and so on until all the important items in the story have been
    drawn on the vinyl. Everyone should draw a picture.
  • After drawing, cut out the general shape of your picture. As I
    read the Easter story again, stick your pictures to a window in our
    classroom to create the Easter scene.

Talk teasers

Ask: How do you think the women felt when they
came to the tomb and couldn’t find Jesus? How would you have felt?
How does it make you feel to know that Jesus overcame the problem
of death? The power that raised Jesus from the dead was greater
than any power on earth, including dynamite or a nuclear bomb. What
is a problem in your life that you need God’s power to help you

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Have the children stand back from the window and take in the
whole scene. Close in prayer, thanking God for his power to
overcome any obstacle.

Nanette Goings Longmont, Colorado


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