Easter Children’s Message: Good Eggs Devotion

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Use this Easter children’s message: Good Eggs to help kids discover how Jesus takes away our sins with an Eastery item.

You’ll need unpeeled, hardboiled eggs; resealable bags; and a timer.

Give each child an egg. Say: You’ll have one minute to peel your egg—but you have to peel it perfectly—no pieces. Ready? Go!

When time’s up, ask: What was difficult about this experience? How is this like or unlike how good we are at being “perfect” in life?

Read aloud Romans 5:8.

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Say: When Jesus died, he was innocent—pure and perfect. He died to pay for our sins because we aren’t perfect. We sin every day. We’re more like these peeled eggs. Have kids examine their eggs. We can’t get rid of our sins just like we couldn’t peel the egg perfectly. Only Jesus’ death and resurrection rids us of sin.

Let kids eat their eggs. Close in prayer, thanking Jesus for taking away our sins. Have kids wash up afterward.

Heather Tietz
Chino Hills, California

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