Does Jesus Cry?


Theme: Jesus understands how we feel.

Simple Supplies: You’ll need a Bible, an adult
volunteer to play the role of Jesus, and “religious” Band-Aids. If
you can’t find religious Band-Aids from a Christian bookstore,
gather some regular Band-Aids and write something like, “WWJD”
(What Would Jesus Do?) or “Jesus Loves You” on them. You’ll need
one Band-Aid per child.

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Say:  Have any of you ever been sad? What are some
things that make you sad?
(Pause for kids to respond.)
Say:  Let’s all pretend that we’re sad. Encourage
children to make sad face, slump their shoulders and pretend to
cry. It’s not a lot of fun to be sad. OK, everyone can be happy
again! When you see someone who is sad and crying, what do you
Say:  When I see a friend who is sad or crying, I try
to help. What are some ways we can help a friend who is
Say:  We can give our friend a hug. Or maybe if our
friend has a skinned knee, we could give him or her a Band-Aid.

Let’s play a game. Everyone find a partner. Tell each other one
thing that makes you cry. Then put one of these Band-Aids over the
place where the person hurts. For example, place the Band-Aid on
your friend’s heart if he or she cries because of something sad.
Place the band-Aid on your friend’s knee if he or she cries because
of a skinned knee.

Give kids a couple of minutes to talk and to place the Band-Aids
on each other, and offer help as needed.

What was it like to help your friend?
Say:  Sometimes it’s hard to know how to help a
friend. But because we’ve all been sad, we know what our friend
feels like. That helps us to care for our friend. I know
someone who cares for you all the time and knows just how you feel
when you’re sad. Did you know that Jesus has gone through sad times
just like you have? That’s why he can help us when we’re sad.

Open your Bible to John 11:35. John 11:35 is the shortest verse
in the whole Bible. It contains two words: “Jesus wept.” “Wept” is
another word for “cried.” Jesus’ friend Lazarus had died and Jesus
was so sad that he cried. So when you’re sad, Jesus knows just how
you feel. Jesus is good at making us feel better when we’re

Let’s pray. Dear Jesus, it is so wonderful to know that you
understand us when we’re sad. Thank you for comforting us when
we’re upset. In your name, amen.

When you look at the Band-Aid you’re wearing, remember that
Jesus understands how you feel.


Does Jesus Cry?
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