Divorce: Grades 4 to 6

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Divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved.
Use this lesson to reinforce to kids that God is with them during
this troubling time and it is not their fault.

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1. Family Upset-Form a circle of chairs with
one less chair than people. Pick one person to be “It.” Have It
stand in the middle of the circle. Secretly assign the name of a
different family member, such as brother or mother, to each person.
It calls the name of a family member. Everyone assigned that name
must trade chairs. It tries to sit in a chair. Whoever is left
standing is now It. It may call more than one family member at a
time. And if It calls “Divorce,” everyone must find a new chair.
Play this game several times.

Ask: “Why do parents divorce? How do kids feel when their
parents divorce? Does a divorce upset a family? Why or why

2. Craft: Inside Out-Distribute a small paper
bag, paper slips, and markers to each child.

Say: “On the outside of your paper bag, write things
that other people might know about you such as what you like to do,
what you look like, and what kind of house you live in. Then on
slips of paper, write things that others may not know about you
such as things your family fights about, how your parents treat
each other, and how you feel about divorce. Place these papers
inside your bag and staple your bag closed. People can’t get inside
your bag unless you choose to let them in.”

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Ask: “How does it feel to have family secrets that no one
knows about? How are our bags similar to or different from the way
families hide their problems? What family problems can cause
parents to get a divorce?”

Read aloud Psalm 139:16.

Say: “God knows all there is to know about us. He knows
us inside out and he wants to help us-in good times and hard times
such as if our family goes through a divorce. God wants to help us
with the things that are inside our bags and our homes. But we need
to let him help us. Write the name “God” on the outside of your
bag. Remember that you need to invite God to help you with any
problems you may be having at home.”

3. Share a PrayerAsk: “How can God’s
presence help families through a divorce? What kinds of things can
we do to help friends whose parents divorce?”

Form pairs.

Say: “Tell your partner one thing about your family
that you want God to help with. Then pray for each other.”

Allergy Alert: Some children have food allergies that can be
dangerous. Know your children, and consult with parents about
allergies their children may have.

4. Snack: Food for Thought-You’ll need: A small
bakery wedding cake.

Directions: Serve the children wedding cake.

Say: “When two people marry, God wants them to be
married for life. But sometimes, a husband and wife decide they
don’t want to be married anymore. This can cause a lot of pain for
children. Let’s ask God to help children whose parents have

Close in prayer, thanking God for children’s families and asking
God to help children of divorce.


Susan Grover is a children’s minister in

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For more great articles like this, subscribe to our magazine. Buy 3+ subscriptions for only $12 each.
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