Discovery Game


Try this fun camp game to teach children important
rules and locations.

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Form teams of six. Give each team a photocopy of the 10 things to
find listed below. On “go,” have teams race to find all items in

10 Things to Find
1. Find the bathroom. (One sheet of toilet paper)
2. Find the cafeteria. (A cracker or food scrap-ask the
3. Find the lake-or other landmark. (Draw a map with the route from
our meeting area to the lake.)
4. Find the drinking water source. (Soak someone’s head.)
5. Find the main road and draw an X in the road or make an X out of
sticks. This will remind you not to cross here without an adult. (A
rock or stick)
6. Find tall weeds. Don’t go in those weeds! Don’t go in areas that
may have poison ivy. (A blade of grass growing in the area before
the tall weeds)
7. Find a flower and have someone smell it. Don’t pick the flower.
All nature should remain where it is while we’re here. (A handful
of dirt)
8. We all need to work together during camp. (A small piece of
wood- kindling-for each group member. Remember not to break limbs
off trees.)
9. Remember to pick up after yourself! (A piece of trash)
10. Let’s focus on Jesus during our camp! (A cross for your tent or
cabin area-without killing anything that’s living)

Dale Hardy
Valparaiso, Indiana


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