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Devotion: Unity of Believers

Children's Ministry Magazine

A sweet way to teach kids the importance of sticking together. You'll need 3-foot-long red string licorice and a children's Bible.

The Message: (Have children stand in pairs, and give each pair a string of licorice.) I'd like each of you to take hold of one end of your string of licorice. Pull as hard as you can on the licorice to test how strong it is. (Allow time.)

I need a helper. (Have the helper hold three strings together at the end as you braid the three strings together.) What do you think will happen if we pull on this braided strand? (Choose another helper to hold your end of the braid.) Now both of you pull as hard as you can. (Allow time.) Why was this braided strand harder to break?

(Read the Scripture from a children's Bible.) Just as the licorice was stronger with three pieces together, we're stronger when we stick together. Tell a partner about a time you worked with another person to do great things.

We show other people God's love by how we love each other and work together. Take a string of licorice to remind you how strong we are when we stick together.

Theme: Unity of believers
Text: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Laurie Edwards
Lebanon, New Hampshire

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