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Devotion: The Tower of Babel

Children's Ministry Magazine

Use this engaging devotionto show kids that God wants us to communicate with our family members and work together...Even during times that it appears we are all speaking a different language.

Text: Genesis 11:1-9

Object Lesson Preparation: For each group, you'll need 10 paper towel rolls cut in thirds and clear cellophane tape. You'll also need five slips of paper for each group with one of the following directions written on each slip: "Say the opposite of what you mean," "Remain silent and use no body language," "Gesture with your hands," "Ask questions," and "Talk in baby talk."

The Message: (Form groups of five. Give each group its supplies. Tell kids to each take one paper slip and to keep their directions secret from their group.) Build a tower as high as you can in three minutes. Each person is allowed to communicate only the way his or her slip of paper instructs. (Allow time.)

How did it feel to communicate with one another? Explain. Have you ever felt the same way when you're trying to talk to your family? Why or why not?

(Read the Scripture.) Why do you think God confused the languages of the people? God doesn't want us to rebel like the people in our story, but he wants us to communicate with our family members and work together. Let's ask God to help us communicate with our families.

Grades 4-6

Teresa Welch
Decatur, Illinois

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