Devotion: Building Kindness

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Children’s Devotion Theme: Kindness
Text: Ephesians 4:29
Preparation: You’ll need eight wooden blocks for
each pair of kids and a Bible.

The Message: (Form pairs, and give each pair
eight blocks.) With your partner, use five blocks to make a block
building. Spread out at least an arm’s length from other pairs.
(Allow time.)

Now stand by your building and use your three extra blocks to
knock down other buildings. You can protect your building, but you
only have 10 seconds. Go! (Allow 10 seconds.)

How did it feel to have others tear down your buildings? How
does it feel when people tear you down with their words?

(Read the Scripture.) When people are unkind to us, they tear
down our feelings just as we tore down the buildings. When we’re
unkind to others, we tear down their feelings.

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But God has called us to build up others. What are some things
you can say to build up people and help them feel good? (For each
answer, have the children pick up a block and add it back to
another pair’s building. Lead the group in a prayer asking God to
help them love and build up others.)

Dawn Smith
Cape Girardeau, Missouri


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