Developing a Family Ministry in Church


After you’ve collected parents’ feedback, design
your parent education vehicle. Through teaching, training,
retreats, newsletters, audio tapes, videotapes, small groups,
events, and personal interaction, you can help parents. Don’t try
to do all these. Just choose one format to inform and inspire

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Many churches have introduced their family ministry emphasis
with a parenting seminar. If you do the same, make it
visitor-friendly and invite parents from the community. Receiving
support and information is a felt-need for all parents.

Network with other children’s ministers to find great resources
for parent-training. Or, if you really like a parenting book, call
the book’s publisher. The company’s publicist can connect you with
the author. Authors are often willing to lead a parenting

2. Introduction

Information alone won’t meet parents’ needs. Most parents want
to develop relationships with other parents. We offer a dinner for
parents prior to our parenting seminars. This allows people to
relax and get to know other parents. It also provides built-in
discussion groups for the seminar. Several parents have started
small groups with the people they’ve gotten to know at their

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At Hope Wirta’s church in Milwaukee, small groups of families,
such as “The Young and Restless” group, meet regularly. Some weeks,
parents may meet with their children and play games, or other
weeks, they may get a baby sitter and go to a play. Lifelong
relationships are formed in accountability support groups such as


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