Develop Your Love for People


“Do everything in love” (1 Corinthians 16:14).

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A hallmark of your career leading volunteers is your love for
people; it’s your job to let Jesus’ love rub off on everyone you
come in contact with. Here are five key relationships you must
guard carefully and demonstrate your love for regularly.

Your Family — The best way to show your
family you love them is to make time for them. I plan my time with
my family before I plan the ministry calendar. Loving my family has
not only brought me favor with my family, but it’s also brought me
favor with my team. Those of us in ministry serve as role models
for how we love our spouses and children. Loving my family has only
helped my ability to influence others.

Your Pastor — A joy of my life is to serve
my pastor. By serving the leader above you, you’re serving the
leader at the very top. Loving your leader is the best modeling you
can do for those around you — and for yourself. I expect my team
to treat me the same way I treat my pastor.

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Your Church Families — Parents love people
who love their kids. And, I’ve found that kids always respond to
love — grownup kids and little kids. Talk with and listen to your
families. Never forget what it was like to be a child. Love kids
(if you don’t, you have no business being a children’s minister).
And demonstrate — don’t just talk about — your love and support
for parents.

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Your Team — Look for opportunities to build
your team by being an efficient, caring leader. Make an effort to
make others look good. Rejoice when God blesses team members. Be
friendly and authentic. Carry on true conversations, not just small
talk. Make timely, thorough communication a priority. Give people
the tools they need to excel. Make policies and procedures plain
and easy to follow. Evaluate constantly; say, show, and demonstrate
your thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Invest your time
in others. Support your team; pray for them and their families.

Everyone Else — Show Jesus’ love to people
in the community you come in contact with. Stay in a good mood.
Laugh and be happy. Look for opportunities to minister, counsel,
and speak God’s Word as you “do life” with others. Invite people to
your church; you can’t reach your city if you don’t have a
relationship with it. Touch your world — and become a better
leader — by authentically loving all you come in contact with.

Jim Wideman ( is the
author of
Volunteers That Stick (Group) and a children’s
ministry speaker and consultant.

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