De-Stress Before You Distress


Pressure’s Off
With Parents

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Follow these tried-and-true ways to keep communication clear and
friendly with parents.

  • Listen. It’s not uncommon for parents to ask you for
    advice on topics completely unrelated to your ministry. Be open.
    Let parents know it’s okay to ask questions. If you’re swamped,
    make an appointment with parents for the next week. And don’t be
    afraid to ask a parent for time to respond to difficult
  • Communicate. Newsletters and notes home help with
    communication. Keep all communication short, specific, and neatly


It’s easy to have your confidence shaken amid challenges. And
shaken confidence can lead to high anxiety.

  • Find a mentor. The best mentors remind you that nobody
    has all the answers all the time. The most helpful thing a mentor
    can do is listen, not be judgmental, and ask permission to offer
    advice. Knowing that another person took time to say that he or she
    has confidence in you is a great stress reliever.
  • Do your best. Just deal with what God hands you. Come
    to class prepared. Go the extra mile. Teach by example. And love
    the kids God has sent you. These key things will set the foundation
    of your confidence when other issues come up.


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