Cross-Cultural Shock


I'm at Comic Con in San Diego. And I keep thinking I could be anywhere that I'm not used to and have the same feelings. It could be a John Deere convention or a monster truck rally or a hip-hop concert. I don't fit in.

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So why am I here? Good question. For one thing, there's a team of six of us from Group on a "snoop trip" to learn what we can. So it's required.

Other reasons? I walked around the exhibit hall today going "God, why am I here?" Here's why, I think…it's like an anthropological quest: What would cause 125,000 people to flock here? What can we in the church learn to draw people to the kingdom? What's it like to be an "outsider" in a foreign culture? How do we make visitors feel like outsiders in our church culture? How can we fix that? What's current in pop culture right now that can inform us about more effective ways to reach children, youth, and adults? Why would people stand in line for 90 minutes in the hot sun to get into something and not get in (yes, I did that!)? How can we deliver must-have, I-don't-care-what-I-have-to-do-to-get-it solutions to serve the church?

Am I getting answers to all these questions? I'll keep you posted. Can't wait to talk to the other five people at dinner regarding their discoveries today!

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