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Creation Race

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Form two teams and designate a goal line. Give each team a photocopy of the following instructions. Tell teams they're to race to complete the seven steps. A different person in each team should perform each step. Don't provide props for teams; part of the fun is in finding the needed items.

The steps:

  1. Lead a blindfolded person to the goal line to represent night. At the goal line, have the person remove his or her blindfold to represent day and return to your starting place. Everyone shout, "Day one! It is good!"
  2. Carry a small container of water to the goal line, drink it, and run back to represent water and sky. Everyone shout, "Day two! It is good!"
  3. Carry a handful of dirt to the goal line to represent the earth. Make a small hill with it and then return. Everyone shout, "Day three! It is good!"
  4. Carry a small stick to the goal line. Draw a sun, moon, and star in the dirt to represent the lights. Return and everyone shout, "Day four! It is good!"
  5. With two pieces of paper, make a bird to represent flying creatures. Carry the bird to the goal line, leave it, and return. Everyone shout, "Day five! It is good!"
  6. Using small sticks, make a human figure to represent humankind. Carry the person to the goal line, leave it, and return. Everyone shout, "Day six! It is good!"
  7. All teammates run to the goal line and sit in a circle. Everyone shout, "Day seven! Day of rest!"

-- Mary Burman Laramie, Wyoming


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