Creation Plates


Use this unique craft to let preschoolers express themselves
while they learn about God’s creation.

You’ll need a children’s Bible, 6-inch clear plastic dessert
plates, paint, paintbrushes, water, and a workspace.

After helping kids learn about creation, have them describe their
favorite things in God’s creation. Let them discuss God’s best,
silliest, and most unusual creations. Then have kids work on their
own “Earth.”

Have kids each turn over a plastic plate so the bottom faces up.
Then let them paint the plate to look like Earth. Set their
creations aside to dry. (Once dry, kids can prop up their plates
for display.)

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Close in a “take-turns” prayer, thanking God for creating our
world. In your prayer, have each child take a turn naming one thing
they’re glad God created.



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