8 Crafts Any Boy Will Love


When you say “craft time,” do the boys in your class moan, yawn,
escape to the bathroom, or find other creative ways to express
their displeasure? Maybe they have a point. Craft books tend to be
packed with frilly, sweet-smelling projects. Do boys go for that
stuff? Not the ones who live at my house! The best crafts for boys
are the ones that let them be who God made them to be. Here are art
projects boys are guaranteed to love because they embody the things
boys love.


1. Energy
Let your young men tackle a hunk of clay. Encourage boys to form a
horse and chariot for one of Pharaoh’s soldiers, pillars for Samson
to pull down, or a coiled basket for Saul’s exciting escape down a
city wall.


2. Whack Attack
Gather aluminum pie pans, hammers, markers, a few large nails, and
newspapers for padding, and you’re ready for whackamania!
Demonstrate how to draw a simple design such as a cross on the back
of a pie plate, then make a tin-punch design by pounding nail holes
about 3/4-inch apart on the outline. Tie a short piece of jute
twine through two more nail holes at the top, and the project is
ready to hang.

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