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Craft: Wind Chime


Stuff you'll need: One large and one small tin can. The small can should be small enough to rattle around in the bigger can. You'll also need a hammer, a nail, tempera paint, brushes and heavy string.

Get ready: Remove one end from each can. Then wash cans. With a hammer and nail, punch a hole in the center of the end of each can.

Tell the kids to:

  • Use the paint to decorate the larger can in any way you choose. Paint the small can a solid color. Allow paint to dry.
  • Push the string through the hole in the end of the small can and tie a knot on the inside of the can. Push the other end of the string through the inside of the larger can and through the hole in the end. Pull the string taut. Tie a loop in the remaining string protruding from the can.
  • Take your wind chimes home and hang them outside on a patio or from a tree. Listen to the joyful noise your chimes make to the Lord.

Talk teasers: Read aloud Psalm 98:4-9.

Ask: Why does the Bible tell us to sing praises to God? How does creation sing praises to God? How can you praise God? How can the music of your chimes remind you to praise God this week?


Sheila Halasz
Crystal Lake, Illinois


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