Valentine’s Day Craft Your Preschoolers Will Love!

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Valentine’s Day Craft

Ages 3 to 5

To make this craft, you’ll need a pink or white lunch bag, a 12-inch pipe cleaner, a 3-inch-round paper doily, a Jesus sticker, a red or pink marker, scissors, glue, and cellophane tape.

Have your preschoolers follow these directions to make their valentine bags:

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  1. Keep the bag closed and cut off the folded section of the bag bottom.
  2. Use a marker to color the edges of the doily and paper bag.
  3. Fold up 2 inches of the bottom of the bag and crease in place.
  4. Use the sticker to attach the folded section to the bag.
  5. Cut out the doily center and position the opening around the sticker.
  6. Glue in place.
  7. Tape the pipe cleaner handle between the folded bag edges at the top opening of the bag. Tape the bag’s side openings closed.
  8. Write “Jesus loves (child’s name)” at the bottom of the bag.
  9. Place valentine goodies and messages in the bag.

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