Craft: Stop Action


Objective: Kids will put themselves in the place
of a Bible character.

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Stuff you’ll need: 3X5 cards, fine-tipped
markers, string, and a hole punch.

Text: Any Bible story

Tell kids to:
*Read the Bible story. Then choose one part of the story to draw.
(For example, for the story of David and Goliath, kids may choose
when David slays Goliath.)

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*Draw the same character or object from the story in different
continuous positions-one on each card. (For example, draw David
putting the stone in his sling, then several different pictures of
David pulling back the sling, several of David letting go of the
sling, one of Goliath being hit, and several of Goliath

*When finished, put your picture cards in order.

*Punch a hole in the left upper and lower corners of your
completed stack. Tie string through each hole.

*Now, flip through the pages and watch the action develop.

*Exchange with a friend to watch a different movie.

Talk teasers: How do you think this person felt at the point of
the story that you chose to draw? How would you have felt in that
situation? Do you think this person did the right thing? Why or why
not? What would you have done differently? When have you had to do
a similar thing in your life? What helped you make the right

Ellen Humbert
Mesa, Arizona

According to Jim Pierson, director of the Christian Church
Foundation for the Handicapped, children with disabilities may need
these adaptations to fully enjoy crafts:

Friend of the Paralytic

*Encourage teachers to be sensitive to each child’s perceptual
ability, motor skills, and ability to listen to, understand, and
follow directions.

*Position special-needs children so they can see and hear.

*Set up a buddy system with a teacher or peer tutor if necessary.
The helper can explain, guide, and move through the activity with a
special-needs child.

*Give directions, but avoid taking over. Doing it yourself is the
easy way out. Remember, a successful craft activity is not a
finished masterpiece. Success is measured in a child’s sense of

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