Craft: Splatter Prints


Objective: Kids will learn that God can
transform bad situations into something good.

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Stuff you’ll need: A salad spinner, paper, and
tempera paint.

Text: Romans 8:28

Tell kids to one at a time:
*Cut a long, rectangular strip of paper and place it around the
edge inside the salad spinner basket.

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*Place dabs of paint on your paper.

*Close the lid and turn the handle.

*Open the spinner and take out your beautiful picture.

Talk teasers: (Read the Scripture.) Which picture do you like
the best-the one before or after it was changed? Explain. Tell
about a bad thing that has happened to you or someone you know.
(Tell about a situation God transformed in your life.) How did God
turn that bad thing into something good-maybe you learned a big
lesson through it?

*Say: The Bible says God can take the bad things in our lives and
transform them into something good. God does this for us because he
loves us and wants us to become more like Christ. Let’s pray and
thank God for the good he brings out of bad things.


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