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Craft: Red Sea Books

Children's Ministry Magazine

For each child, you'll need a 4X12-inch strip of red construction paper, a 3X4-inch piece of sandpaper, and glue.

Before class, lay the paper horizontally. Write the following on the right one-third of the red paper: "God parted the Red Sea..." Turn the paper over so the words you've just written are now on the back. On the right one-third of this side, write " Moses and his people could be free."

In class, help each child fold his or her paper into thirds so that the words "God parted the Red Sea" make the "book's" cover. Then have children glue the sandpaper to the inside middle section of their books.

Tell children the story of God leading the people of Israel through the Red Sea (from Exodus 14:13-31). Have them open their books and use their fingers to walk across the sandpaper, pretending that they're the Israelites walking through the Red Sea.

Ages 3 to 5

Gay Correll
Lincoln, Nebraska

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change. Originally published in September-October, 1997 in Children's Ministry Magazine.

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