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Craft: Recycled Sewing Cards

This simple children's craft is a great opportunity for your little ones to color, sew, and work on their hand-eye coordination. When finished, they will have a beautiful craft they will proudly take home.

Ahead of time, cut open and flatten empty cereal boxes to use as backing for sewing cards.

In class, have children color coloring book pictures. If you have coloring books with pictures from the Bible, that's even better!

Glue colored pictures onto the flattened cereal boxes. Cut the cardboard to fit the picture. Punch holes 2 inches apart along each side.

Give each child 1 yard of yarn. Help children tie a knot in the yarn at one end. Using 1/4-inch of cellophane tape, help children each wrap the other end tightly to make threading easier.

Kids will have lots of fun sewing in and out of the holes on the cards they've made.

Susan Osborn
Loveland, Colorado

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