Craft: Peekaboo Hearts


Kids can create
Valentine hearts just bursting with love.

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You’ll need white card stock, pink transparent vinyl, scissors,
ribbon, a hole punch, Starburst fruit chews, and markers.

Have kids draw a heart at least 6 inches across on card stock.
Place a piece of pink vinyl over the outline and cut out both the
card stock and vinyl heart. Use a hole punch to create holes around
the edge of both hearts. Kids can lace the two hearts together,
then stuff the laced heart with Starburst candies. Before sealing
the hearts with a bow, include a message written on card stock
saying, “My heart BURSTS with love for you!”

Encourage kids to give the Valentine to a special friend or
family member. Remind children that Jesus’ love is bursting for us
— every day of the year.

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