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Craft: Lovey-Dovey Doves

Children's Ministry Magazine

God's Eternal Love

Song of Songs 2:11-13


What Kids Will Do: Make stuffed pet doves to love.
What Kids Will Need: 9x12-inch pieces of white felt, fiberfill, wiggly eyes, low­temp glue gun, scissors. poster board. pencils, glitter glue pen.
Preparation Place: Use the dove shape (found in the margin) to draw and cut out a few dove patterns onto poster board for kids to use as a tracing pattern. The dove should be made large enough so that two will fit onto the white felt.
Bible Point: God loves us!

1. With a pencil, trace the dove outline twice onto the white piece of felt. Then cut out the doves.

2. On one dove, make a thick line of glue all along the edges except for a 3-inch spot to allow room for stuffing. Next lay the other dove over the glued dove, matching edges, and press firmly.

3. Glue one wiggly eye on each side of the dove's head.

4. After the two doves are secured together, carefully push stuffing inside the dove, being sure not to tear the two pieces apart. Be sure the stuffing is spread evenly and reaches inside the tips of the feathers and beak. When you're finished, glue the hole shut. Use a glitter glue pen to make a line for the dove's wing. Let it dry for about ten minutes, then you can make a wing on the other side of the dove if you wish.

Tying It Together

Have kids join you in a circle on the floor with their doves. Read the Bible verse. Then ask:

  • What words do you use to tell someone you care for them?
  • Have you ever felt so much love for something that you just wanted hug it and not let go? Tell the friend next to you about it.
  • Can you describe in your own words how much God loves you?

Say: A dove symbolizes love and peace. Put that together with the freshness, new-ness, and loveliness of springtime, and you get a picture of God's love for us. God wants to love us with all the emotions and feelings we may feel toward our parents or a special pet or toy. Like you hug and cuddle your new Lovey-Dovey Dove, let God love you and hold you in the palm of his hand. God loves us!

WOWS That Work

Allow kids to add wing decorations with markers or glitter glue. Then sew a string through the top of each Lovey-Dovey to hang from the ceiling. It will be a constant reminder of God's love and peace.

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