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Craft: End of Summer T-Shirts

Children's Ministry Magazine

Have the kids in your class mark the end of summer with this fun project...

You'll need a white, 100 percent cotton T-shirt for each child, washable white glue, cold water dye, a spray bottle, thick-bristle paintbrushes, newspaper, and optional latex gloves.

Place several layers of newspaper inside the T-shirts. Mix the dye colors according to the package instructions, and fill the spray bottles with different colors.

Using simple, broad strokes, have kids use glue to "paint" a basic drawing on their T-shirts that symbolizes their favorite thing about summer. Allow the glue to dry on the front before decorating the back of the T-shirt.

Once the glue dries completely, take the shirts outside. Have kids spray their entire shirts (you may want to include latex gloves for this part of the activity) on the front and back with the dye. Allow the shirts to dry overnight, and wash the shirts according to the dye instructions to set the dye.

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