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Craft: Buttermilk Miracles

Objective: Kids will learn that miracles are possible with God.

Stuff you'll need: Buttermilk, 1-inch-wide sponge brushes, pastel construction paper, and colored chalk.

Get ready: Cover the table with a vinyl cloth or have a sponge handy to wipe off the table when you're done with the craft.

Text: Read aloud John 2:1-11.

Tell kids to:

*Dip your sponge brush into the buttermilk. Smear the buttermilk onto the construction paper and cover the entire page.

*Draw a picture with the colored chalk directly onto the wet buttermilk surface. The buttermilk will keep your chalk drawing from smearing or smudging.

Talk teasers: *Ask: Did you think you would be able to draw on the wet buttermilk? Why or why not? Did the people at the wedding believe that Jesus could turn water into wine? Why or why not? What is a miracle? Tell about a miracle that has happened to you or someone you know.

*Say: Take your picture home as a reminder of something that seemed impossible but really was possible. God can work miracles in your life even when it seems impossible. What are some miracles we need to ask God to do in our lives?

Close in prayer for the areas children mention, and ask God to work a miracle in those areas.

Nanette Goings
Longmont, Colorado

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