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Covered in Influence

doughnutsHelp preteens understand how their daily activities influence their lives.

You'll need a Bible. You'll also need a resealable plastic bag, a chocolate-covered doughnut, and a powdered sugar-covered doughnut for each preteen.

Form pairs. Have each preteen place a chocolate doughnut inside a plastic bag. Tell kids the chocolate doughnuts represent them in school. Tell them God wants them to be true to him, untouched by negative influences. Ask kids to name positive influences in their lives-activities, the Bible, or Christian friendships. Have them trade bags with their partners.

Have kids each add a powdered sugar doughnut to their partners' bags and seal them. Challenge kids to think of as many negative influences as they can in one minute, such as certain music or movies. Each time they name a poor influence, they can shake their partner's doughnuts.

After one minute, return the bags to their owners.

Let kids examine their chocolate doughnuts. Ask: What happened to your chocolate doughnut? How is that like or unlike how negative influences in your life impact you? Read aloud Romans 12:2. Ask: How can you resist worldly things? How can you surround yourself with positive influences? What negative influences do you need to eliminate from your life?

Kathy Ruch
Peculiar, Missouri

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