Countdown to KidMin Conference: 6 Days!


Never in my life would I buy purple shoes on my own…but that's exactly what I just bought this weekend for the KidMin Conference this week!

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Why? This purple shoe thing seems to have taken on a life of itself. People in our Inside Track Team are bringing purple clothes and shoes to the conference. And I want to catch up on the trend.

That's how cool this KidMin Conference is. It's not just our staff creating the culture, but it's conhference guests–and right now, especially our Inside Track Team (you'll learn more about this amazing team at our conference–and how to join it).

There's so much the Inside Track team has shaped and gotten involved in. They'll create the vibe and environment of the Prayer Room. They're getting plugged into panels in so many Ministry Conversations. They're blogging and spreading the word. And they'll be critical volunteers to make everything happen.

I can't wait to see what else they do and create at KidMin! I'm thrilled to get to serve with these folks–even if it means wearing purple, polka-dotted shoes!

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