Christmas Activities for Kids: Countdown to Christmas


If you shake your Christmas stocking for new ideas to celebrate Christmas this year and nothing falls out, don’t despair. Try any of these Christmas Activities for Kids: Countdown to Christmas to keep kids focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

Jesus birth announcement 1. It’s a Boy!
Have groups of children work together to create a birth announcement for Jesus — complete with a painted footprint from a baby in the nursery (get parent’s permission). Photocopy two announcements for each child to take home-one to keep and one to give away.

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2. I Was There
Have groups choose different characters in the Christmas story. Then have each group write and present a Christmas drama based on that character’s account. Videotape each drama and have kids take turns taking the video home to show their families.

3. Shine On
Have each child cut out a poster board star and write his or her name on it using glow-in-the-dark paint. Tape the stars to your classroom ceiling. Turn off the lights and tell kids that just as the star pointed people to Jesus, they too can help others find the savior.

4. “The Christmas Story”
Have preschoolers dictate to you the Christmas story. Write each sentence on a different sheet of paper — keeping it in the children’s words. Then have kids illustrate each page. Put the pages together in order, put a cover on the book, and staple it together. Invite your pastor to your class for a special presentation of this book.

miracle-of-jesus5. Create a sensory-rich Christmas outreach event.
The Miracle of Jesus takes moms, dads, and kids on a sensory-rich Christmas adventure that fills them with more joy than you could pack in a million stockings. Families will see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the Bible-times town of Bethlehem. Through hands-on activities, games, stories, and more, they’ll experience firsthand the amazing impact of the miracles of Jesus’ birth—and life. Order the event kit and get free shipping with promo code CR15104.

6. Hire an Elf
Have kids sign up to do gift-wrapping for the staff members in your church. Staffers provide all the materials.

7. Belated Gift
After Christmas, have kids give free housecleaning to church staff members who’ve put in double duty during the holiday season.

shoebox distribution in Gwirize, Malawi

Shoebox distribution in Gwirize, Malawi

8. Operation Christmas Child
Kids can give to less-fortunate children around the world at Christmas time. Have kids pack a shoe box with small toys, batteries and flashlights, hats, gloves, or wrapped hard candies and deliver the box to Samartian’s Purse or a drop-off location. National Collection Week is November 16-23. Samaritan’s Purse delivers gift boxes to children in countries such as Bosnia, Rwanda, and Romania.

9. Surprise Advent Boxes
Have children fill 25 boxes with goodies such as wrapped candies, small toys, pencils, a Christmas card, handmade pictures, and a Scripture verse. Then have children wrap or decorate their boxes. Have children think of 25 people who serve in your church, such as pastors, teachers, custodians, secretaries, or committee members. Number these names and assign the people to children. Tell parents what’s going on too. On the date that corresponds to that person’s number, the child delivers a surprise advent box to that person.

Christmas Activities for Kids: Countdown to Christmas
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