Cornucopia Blessings Craft


Help little ones explore gratitude this Thanksgiving with this cornucopia blessings craft in your church nursery.

What You’ll Need:
You’ll need a paper grocery bag. Twist the bottom half of the bag to make the horn of a cornucopia. Then tuck in the open edges and round it out to finish your cornucopia shape.

What to Do:
Fill it with toys that suggest things kids can be thankful for, such as dolls to represent people, toy food, toy animals, and so on.

What to Say:
Let children take turns pulling out something from the cornucopia blessings craft as you say, “Thank you, God, for _____.”

Ask older toddlers to be more specific. For example, if a child pulls out a doll, you could say, “Thank you, God, for people!” and then ask the child to name a person he or she is thankful for.

Allow children to each hold the Cornucopia of Blessings Craft as you help them pray.

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Cornucopia Blessings Craft
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