Clothes Swap Board


Due to fire codes, we can’t have a “clothes closet” at our
church, but we found an excellent way to help people who need
children’s clothes find those who have used clothes to give.

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We put up a bulletin board in our children’s area near the
nursery. We covered it with denim and used clothesline strings for
a border. We titled it “The Clothes Line.” Then we attached
clothespins to the board. We supplied cutout shirts marked
“Available” and cutout pants marked “Needed.” Parents who have
outgrown clothing to give fill out an “Available” shirt with
information on sizes, gender, and a phone number. And anyone who
needs clothing fills out a pair of pants labeled “Needed” with
sizes, gender, and a phone number. Parents attach each cutout to a
clothespin on the board.

This way, families are able to connect directly with one
another. This bulletin board has been a great blessing to the young
families in our church.

Susan Crone
Fort Myers, Florida

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