Christmas Musical Review

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Get a jump on the busy Christmas season by planning
your Christmas program now! Here are our top six program picks to
get you on your way.

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Ahhh…the dog days of summer — sitting beside a pool or
alongside a lake, sipping on a cool glass of lemonade, a warm
breeze blowing with just a hint of fall in the air. Your mind
drifts away to exotic places when suddenly, visions of sugarplums
dance in your head! “What’s this?” you wonder. Then you realize
it’s the rational side of your brain telling you to get busy; it’s
time to plan ahead for your Christmas program!

To help you get ahead of the game and get your Christmas program
planning underway, we evaluated 23 Christmas musicals on the basis
of the following criteria:

• Child-appropriateness — Can kids easily perform the music and
text? Can they understand and follow the story’s message or

• Story line — Does the story make sense? Does it bring the
audience into the action and get them interested and involved? Will
the story inspire the audience?

Kids love our Sunday School resources!

• Variety — Is it a musical, cantata, or a “hymn sing”? Are there
narration or drama elements in the story? Are there singing
opportunities for individuals and small groups? Does it include
choreography for movement, dance, or procession?

• Musicality — Are there various music types such as ballads,
medleys, rap/dance, gospel/spiritual, or traditional Christmas
songs? Does it contain songs and accompaniment? Does the music add
to, rather than detract from, the essential story?

• Adaptation — Could it work for a small, medium, or large
congregation? Can people add or delete the elements so the program
is more workable for their group? Can people adjust the program
according to their number of participants, space availability, or

After careful scrutiny, here are our top six picks and a glimpse
of each program to help you choose the right one for your Christmas
program. So grab that glass of lemonade, find a comfy lawn chair,
read through our Christmas musical review, and you’ll have your
program planned before you know it!


Take a fun-filled journey into the sweetest of all dreams — a
stroll down Candy Cane Lane! Enter the dream world of three
siblings as they experience an adventure with Candy Cane Jane and a
cast of colorful characters who help them discover how a simple
candy cane can tell the story of Jesus.

The music and story line of this production easily capture the
hearts of kids and the audience. The drama’s message is simple for
kids, yet powerful for adults. Simple costuming includes Christmas
pajamas. Set-design suggestions range from simple to elaborate and
are flexible to fit any budget. Devotional activities and
production notes are included in the Director’s Accompaniment
Edition, and a video is available with ideas for

Available from Word Music. Director’s Accompaniment Edition,
$12.95; teacher resource kit, $49.95; video, $29.95; singer
edition, $6.95; listening CD, $16.98; split-track CD, $80.00. Call
888-324-9673 or write 3319 West End Ave., Suite 201, Nashville,
Tennessee 37203;


Discover a deeper meaning behind the tradition of the Christmas
tree and all its trimmings with this simple Christmas program for
kids. It’s very easy for young children to understand.

This musical includes helpful production notes with basic
costuming ideas, easy-to-find props, staging options, and
suggestions for teaching the songs. Simple dialogues between carols
give the opportunity for many children to have speaking parts
without requiring numerous rehearsals. Familiar Christmas carols
and simple narrations make this an excellent choice for a Sunday
school program, preschool program, or a family Advent

Available from Brentwood- Benson Music. Singer’s book, $4.95;
listening CD, $12.98; split-track CD, $55.00. Call 800-846-7664 or
write 741 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin, Tennessee 37067;


This Christmas, it’s a mission “possible” as an angelic group of
spies sets out on a case dubbed Operation Baby King. Their
investigation leads them to the discovery that Jesus came into this
world to save all who believe in him.

This instant Christmas pageant is perfect for groups who don’t
want to put on a large and time-consuming production. Easy to
follow and adaptable for a variety of settings, this musical is
virtually ready to go. It includes prerecorded spoken dialogue,
sound effects, and music. The all-inclusive Director’s guide makes
this the most affordable program reviewed. There are lots of props
and costuming ideas, as well as photocopiable fliers and bulletin
inserts. The story line is simple and easy to understand for kids,
but provides enough entertainment for adults to enjoy.

Available from Group Publishing, Inc. Director’s guide, $24.99.
Call 800-447-1070 or write 1515 Cascade Ave., Loveland, Colorado

Join talk show host Daisy O’Day as she conducts interviews with
missionary kids from around the world to see how they celebrate the
birth of Jesus in their country. This musical will not only
entertain with a variety of cultural Christmas music, but it’ll
also challenge everyone to tell the Christmas story every day and
enlighten people of the importance of missions.

This program offers a variety of options in the area of
performance. The Director’s Aide and Video is incredibly
comprehensive and provides many helps and related activities and
devotions. There are 15 to 30 speaking parts and/or nonspeaking
parts and a minimum of nine solos. This program would work best
with a large group but does offer suggestions for adaptability for
smaller groups.

Available from Word Music. Director’s Aide and Video (DAV),
$59.95; choral book, $6.95; listening CD, $16.98; split-track CD,
$80.00. Call 888-324-9673 or write 3319 West End Avenue, Suite 200,
Nashville, Tennessee 37203;


This story revolves around the predicament that every holiday
traveler fears — the possibility of being stranded in an airport
for Christmas. A news reporter catches a group of stranded kids on
camera as they turn their travel obstacles into an opportunity to
share with other stranded travelers the real reason for celebrating
the season — Jesus!

This musical is easily adaptable and gives production helps for
accommodating either a large or small performing group. A variety
of music entertains participants and the audience, and the drama is
believable and easy to understand. Solos and speaking parts are
indicated in the choral book. Production notes include lighting
suggestions and stage diagrams for each scene.

Available from Genevox. Dovetailor (includes teaching materials,
rehearsal plans, kickoff party ideas, teaching posters and more),
$59.95; choral book, $6.95; listening CD, $15.98; split-track CD,
$85.00. Call 800-458-2772 or write 127 Ninth Avenue North, MSN 113,
Nashville, Tennessee 37234;

The heavens sing out about the birth of Jesus in this heavenly
adaptation of the Christmas story. The “stars” of heaven give their
perspective of what happened in the manger, guiding the
participants and the audience to the realization that Jesus is the
only one who can truly light our way.

This musical is a sure hit for kids who are science buffs. The
script has lengthy dialogue that has some difficult scientific
language and would be best performed by older children who can add
a lot of drama and energy to their performance. Combined with a
variety of music and an intriguing drama, this musical gives a
unique perspective to the Christmas story.

Available from Lillenas. Director’s edition, $9.99, singer’s
edition, $3.99; production video, $29.99; listening CD, $15.99;
split-track CD, $80.00. Call 800-877-0700 or write P.O. Box 419527,
Kansas City, Missouri 64141;


Follow these sure-fire tips to ensure that your Christmas pageant
is a huge success.

• Plan early. Summer’s end or early fall is the perfect time to
start reviewing musicals. The key is to know what your kids and
audience will enjoy, then select a musical that’ll appeal to both.
A variety of music that has catchy tunes and a drama that includes
humor are usually a sure thing for participant and audience appeal.
Set dress rehearsal and performance dates early, and notify
everyone involved as soon as possible to avoid potential conflicts.
Remember, you’ll also need to find sound and light

• Develop a budget. A musical can get costly once you incorporate
all the expenses. Develop a budget that includes all costs such as
sets, costumes, music materials, advertising, and program printing.
As you review musicals, keep your budget in mind. Check with other
local churches to see if they’re interested in doing the same
musical and would be willing to share sets and costumes. This not
only saves dollars, but it also saves that precious gift of

• Set a rehearsal schedule. If you’re doing a large musical
production, begin rehearsals 12 weeks prior to the performance
date. Hold rehearsals once a week for 90 minutes. Pick a day of the
week when you aren’t overloaded with other programs. Remember,
rehearsals require a lot of patience and energy.

• Enlist casting agents. If you hold auditions for parts and
solos, enlist the help of children’s directors from other churches,
friends in the community, or experts in the drama field to cast the
parts. Offer the “casting agents” guidance only. That way, you
won’t play favorites, or give the impression that you do.

Get the parents onboard. Ask parents to help with sets, costumes,
and phone calling, but close your rehearsals to observers. This
allows you and the kids to concentrate on the rehearsal without
audience distractions.

• Provide supplemental activities. Have a kickoff party and tie-in
the theme of the musical to get kids excited about what they’ll be
learning and singing about in future rehearsals. Incorporate
devotions, crafts, or snacks that complement the message of the
musical. Kids won’t perform their best if they don’t understand the
message of the musical.

• Practice to make perfect. Get the listening cassettes, if
available, so kids can practice the songs at home or while riding
in their family car. Type out the words to songs so parents can
practice with their kids at home.

• Expand your horizons. Check with local malls or shopping centers
to see if they allow groups to sing over the holidays. This is a
great way to reach out to the community, and it gives kids a chance
to spread the message of Jesus.

• Have a post-performance party. Everyone has worked hard, so now
it’s time to celebrate. Have a birthday cake for Jesus, display
pictures taken at rehearsals, watch a video of the performance, and
give special recognition to those who helped. Don’t forget to thank
all of the parents, too! Give each kid a small gift as a momento of
their performance and hard work.

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