Christmas Lesson: What Makes Jesus Happy


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1. A Bird’s Eye View-(Supplies: paper and
markers.) Send children to tables with paper and markers.

Say: Pretend that you were a bird at Jesus’ birth. Draw
what you would’ve seen.

After the drawings are complete, form a circle. Have kids
explain their pictures.

2. Glad-O-Meter-Have a trio of children act out
Jesus’ reaction to each of the following scenarios: a shepherd
lovingly caring for his sheep; a shepherd ignoring a hungry sheep;
and two children arguing.

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Ask: What things that Jesus sees make him happy? sad? How
can we make Jesus happy? sad? How can you make Jesus happy

3. Sculpted Prayers-Say: Think of one
thing you can do to make Jesus happy. Pretend that you’re doing
that thing and we’ll close in prayer.

Once kids are in position, pray: When you see us,
Jesus, help us do the things that make you happy. Amen.

4. Snack-Bring all the kids together to prepare
the snack. Sing Christmas carols as the snack bakes. Then finish
the snack and enjoy!

You’ll need: Paper baking cups, shredded wheat
biscuits, dried apricots cut in thin round circles, apples cut into
thin wedges, canned biscuit dough, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Directions: Place the apple wedge “body” and apricot
“head” on a flattened biscuit with a dash of cinnamon and brown
sugar. Wrap the biscuit dough around the apple wedge with part of
the apricot showing like a baby’s head. Bake as directed on the
biscuit can. 
Crumble part of the shredded wheat biscuit into a
baking cup to represent the straw in the manger. Place the baked
treat on the shredded wheat and serve.

Created for grades 1-3

Judy Williamson is a director of children’s ministries in
Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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