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Seasonal Lessons

l. Point of View-(Supplies: Bible.)Say: Look around this room. What do you see? If you were a tiny baby lying in on the floor, what would you see?

Say: Listen as I tell the Christmas story. Think about what baby Jesus may've seen on that first Christmas. This story is from the Book of Luke in the Bible.
Read aloud Luke 2:1-20.

2. Just Like Jesus-Form groups of four with children of different ages in each group. Have each group select four things from the Christmas story that baby Jesus may've seen. Have them be prepared to act how they think baby Jesus may've reacted to the things they selected.

3. I See-Have children lie in pretend mangers. If possible, dim the lights to pretend it's nighttime.

Name things that Baby Jesus may've seen. If children selected one of these things as their item, have them act how Jesus may've reacted to that thing. Read these things: his mother, swaddling cloths, a manger, hay, shepherds, sheep, angels, a cow, a donkey, other animals, a barn, and a star.

Form three age-specific groups and have children join their teacher for that age group. Have teachers follow the instructions for their age group.

4. Snack-Bring all the kids together to prepare the snack. Sing Christmas carols as the snack bakes. Then finish the snack and enjoy!

You'll need: Paper baking cups, shredded wheat biscuits, dried apricots cut in thin round circles, apples cut into thin wedges, canned biscuit dough, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Directions: Place the apple wedge "body" and apricot "head" on a flattened biscuit with a dash of cinnamon and brown sugar. Wrap the biscuit dough around the apple wedge with part of the apricot showing like a baby's head. Bake as directed on the biscuit can.
Crumble part of the shredded wheat biscuit into a baking cup to represent the straw in the manger. Place the baked treat on the shredded wheat and serve.

Judy Williamson is a director of children's ministries in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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