Children’s Ministry Leaders You Need to Meet and Know


Dale Hudson in his Relevant Children’s Ministry blog listed the “20 Children’s Ministry Leaders You Need to Know.”

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These are sharp, noble, amazing children’s ministry leaders—handpicked by me!

  1. Dale Hudson, of course, isn’t on his list because…well that just wouldn’t make sense. But Dale is at the top of my list! He is humble and may be the sharpest children’s minister I know. He’s also extremely generous in sharing his ideas and thoughts online and in person. Dale has a life—and ministry—that are evidence of his integrity and skill.
  2. David Wakerley is on Dale’s list as well. David is the pastor and Creative Director of Hillsong Kids at, yes, Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. We’ve all enjoyed the worship leadership from this church for years!
  3. Greg Baird  I’ve been a fan of Greg’s for years! He’s sacrificed and served in so many ways to equip children’s ministry leaders. He is a humble, gentle, wise man!
  4. Nick Diliberto gets preteens! Nick is the creator of and the director of Pursuit for preteens at his church in New Orleans.
  5. Ricardo Miller stands out as a leader online and in person. He’s actively involved in equipping people in the States and the Bahamas. Not only that, Ricardo has such a humble and teachable spirit that he infects others with his desire to learn and grow.


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