Children’s Ministry Event: Wild About God


Use this children’s ministry event: Wild About God to make your children’s ministry event planning easy and build momentum for your ministry.

We’re wild about God–and we want to get kids wild about God, too! After the hustle and bustle of a new ministry year settles down, use this jungle-themed event to continue your summer momentum and make your children’s ministry wildly unforgettable! This open house event will help parents and kids get to know their Sunday school leaders and other key players in your ministry. You can also introduce new families to your church by providing space for other family-related ministries to showcase their upcoming events.

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Using the template at Web Exclusives, create jungle-themed invitations to send out to families who’ve registered for your ministry this year. Then get ready for a wild time!

Creating Your Jungle You’ll need potted plants, sidewalk chalk, green and yellow streamers, animal print rugs and blankets, mosquito netting, poster board, markers, construction paper, tape, scissors, jungle music.

printsDecorating Give your meeting area a “welcome to the jungle” feel by placing large potted palms or other plants in the area. Use chalk to draw big gray elephant footprints on the sidewalk leading into your event. Twist green and yellow streamers together to look like vines, and drape them from the walls or ceiling. Place animal print rugs and blankets or mosquito netting strategically on the floor.

Make signs that say things such as “Zebra Crossing,” “Civilization: 17 Miles,” or “Beware of Lions,” and hang them on your walls. Cut out construction-paper paw prints, and tape them going up a wall.

Music Play jungle music CDs or use Animal Planet DVDs for background music.

Guides Set up some or all of the following stations as a fun way to connect families to your ministry. Post your Sunday school leaders at each station so families can meet them. Provide information at each station about your ministry that families can collect. Encourage leaders to greet families, provide information, and answer parent questions as kids enjoy the station. When families depart each station, have your team remind kids to be “wild about God!”

Children’s Ministry Event: Wild About God
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